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The Easiest & Hardest Motorcycle Test Centres in the UK

Want to pass your motorcycle test? You may be best staying away from London and other big cities!

That’s according to new research from, who have analysed the pass rates for all UK test centres to find out where you’re most likely to get a pass.

They found that while the national average pass rate was 71.6%, just 58.3% passed at the Shieldhall test centre in Glasgow, the lowest in the country.

London test centres also fared badly, with just 62.7% of applicants passing in Enfield, 63.6% in Erith and 64.3% in Uxbridge, where people are more likely to make use of public transport.

The map was pulled together by looking at statistics from the DVSA and looked at pass rates for both modules of the test, as well as a combined average.

Other test centres with low overall pass rates included Basildon (62%), Darlington (63.9%), Gloucester (65.3%), Newport (66.6%), Atherton in Manchester (67.7%) and Cardington (67.7%).

On the other hand, more rural test centres saw some of the highest pass rates, suggesting that it’s easier to pass the test when there’s less congestion.

The centre which saw the most passes was in Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides, with a pass rate of 88.1%, with other centres in Scotland such as Lerwick (83.7%), Dundee (78.1%) and Aberdeen South (77.6%) all performing well.

When compared with the tougher test centres, this means that there’s a difference of almost 30% depending on where you take your test!

There also seems to be something of a north/south split, with those in the south generally struggling to pass compared to those further north.

It makes sense that pass rates would be lower in built-up areas, with various factors such as the extra traffic, more complex road networks and increased pressure all probably contributing.

The motorcycle test costs £62 to take, so you can see why it’s so important to pass first time!

The Government have planned some changes to the test, which hasn’t been updated for 15 years, which aim to improve the standard or training and ultimately, raise the pass rate.

Of course, while this does show that location does have an impact upon how likely you are to pass the test, it ultimately comes down to the strength of the candidate.

Click here to see the research for yourself, including how things break down for each of the modules on the test.

Car Dealer for Buying a Car with Credit Challenges

Finding a car loan may have some risk if your financial condition is not possible. What will happen if you are expelled from work? Life continues to run and needs more and more, while you have to pay car payments every week or every month with high interest. So, what will happen to your car? All the worries will not happen if you take a loan from a car dealer who understands your financial condition early on. Through Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealer you will get convenience when purchasing a car on credit, no stress requirements, faster approval process, and warranty approved for bad credit.

Here are some things you should look at before deciding to buy a car on credit:

Be realistic about the price range of cars is a tough decision, sometimes we are tempted by the type of car that does not fit the original plan. This often happens to buyers who do not have a strong purchase plan, being realistic means buying a car in accordance with the financial condition. Although car dealerships provide ease in installment payment arrangements, but keep in mind that there are still other needs to be met.

Get dealer confidence in your credit performance, this can be seen from your credit score. Trust is more valuable than money; we can earn money with trust capital.

Take the most effective step that does not burden you, do not let you buy everything on credit. Buying goods on credit seems easy and tempting, but there are many risks in it such as foreclosure risks, bad credit risks, and risk of trust.

Look for some car dealer references as comparison materials. Do not be emotionally attached to one car at one dealer, open your eyes to other dealers to get the best price. Having a car dealer list can be a tool to run a backup plan if you fail to make a deal.

There is another credit requirement that must be fulfilled by the applicant, it is down payment. The car dealer who provides Buy Here Pay Here service Car Lot service is willing to sell every used car with down payment $ 750 – $ 1,000. However, if you have more cash, better increase the down payment. All dealers need cash to make sure the transaction actually takes place. What if you do not give a down payment? The buyer will incur more expensive installments, well, that is a reasonable risk in credit transactions. If you make a little down payment, then the cost of credit will become more expensive and longer, otherwise if you deposit more down payments then you have a wider choice for installment payments.


Finding A Car Repair Manual for Free

No one can doubt the power of the internet, everything can be found here. Even something that was never imagined is on the internet. Have you ever imagined being a mechanic for your own car? With the power of the internet, you can fix your own car; you can download free automotive repair manuals to guide you to become a professional mechanic. There are many websites that offer free car repair manual; you can also find them in various forms, such as videos and PDFs.

The power of the internet guides you to easily find the right car repair manuals for free with no problems at all. However, in reality, there are many car owners still finding some problems when downloading them on the internet. What is the problem? The owner of the vehicle must understand that manual car repair is made according to the year of manufacture, model, and brand of vehicle. So, before looking for a car repair manual the car owner should understand them all.

As we know that in this world, there are many search engines on the internet, such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Quora, Dogpile, Vimeo, Yandex, Boardreader, WolframAlpha, IxQuick,, etc. However, the most famous are Google and Yahoo. You can use them all to find a free car repair manual in accordance with the problem on your car. Make sure to include your model and year of your car.

Car repair manual site usually asks for an email to show where you can see or download a free online car repair manual. Well, to anticipate this, it is better to have multiple emails. In my opinion, this requirement is quite easy to fulfill compared to the benefits that will be earned. Every manual car repair site does not have to have a manual repair file in accordance with the problem with your car, therefore you have to be patient and keep searching by utilizing some search engines.

Apart from being a source of information, the internet is also a source of fraud and crime. Well, you need to be careful when going to register an email to the site of car repair manuals for free. Maybe you think that giving email to a website does not harm, in fact it is detrimental. You will receive persistent emails containing irresponsible content. My advice, do a little research on the internet, find some list of sites that offer the best car repair manuals for free. Once you are sure, please learn them all.



Save Time and Money With Automotive Insurance Online

You can get online automotive insurance options. But before buying, try searching various websites and get offers from various insurance companies for your car. Of course as a consumer, you want to have an insurance offer for a car at an affordable cost.

Make sure that the online company is reliable because surely you do not want to be empty-handed when filing an accident claim, if ever an accident occurs. Understand as many different types of policies as possible and typical rates.

There are many reputed insurance companies on the internet that offer great deals in rates and coverage with good benefits. As you can see, there’s an easy and convenient way to buy different types of products over the internet and even automotive insurance, you can buy them online. What’s good on the internet is that you can browse at any time of day of your choice especially if you have your own computer at home. You need to fill in some information and you have to be honest in filling it out so you can get the right offer.

Online quotes are given free because it is one of the services of an insurance company in which they can obtain consumers or customers. After collecting automotive insurance quotes. Try to see and decide which companies provide the best deal to do business with and always remember that the higher the deductible, the higher the premium. It is natural for consumers to look for cheaper auto insurance rates due to unstable economic conditions.

The reason why we choose a cheaper automotive insurance with good deals is that in order to have someone to lean on when needed, when there is an accident since accident will come unexpectedly without knowing. An automotive insurance that can pay claims when obligated to, so financially stability of the insurance company is also one thing to look into.

The insurance companies also have weighs every risk factors differently that is why their reason for so much disparity between rates, the reason they have different quotes from each insurance companies. With the large number of insurers everywhere out in the market, you cannot avoid competition and some even lure policyholder.

As consumer, the satisfaction and reliability is what they are looking for when getting an automotive insurance. Recommendation from a friend or family is also a good idea of finding a reliable car insurance. When buying an automotive insurance online, be sure the company have reputable record and give you the best deal of your needs.

Online car insurance gives a lot of things that’s why one needs to do some research and find an insurance company that can provide the best of one’s needs. So be careful and be patient in your search in search of a reputable insurance company for your car.


Find Your Automotive Insurance Quotes Online


There are many people who need auto insurance quotes. Finding and comparing is one way in which you can get cheaper automotive insurance. Everyone wants to get the best rates and coverage for their insurance coverage.

While it is likely that costs vary from one insurance company to another and the difference may be large. To get the best price for your car, you must be accurate in providing or providing information to the insurance company. Typically, a good quote includes a discount that applies to policyholders although there are some other ways in which you can get cheaper car insurance.

  • Your good credit history
  • Good driving record
  • Have some safety features or device on your vehicle such as alarm and other devices
  • Location where you live
  • Low mileage.

If ever you have a good driving records and have no tickets and have a good credit history, for sure you can get a lower rates on quotes. Take note, that since you have an automotive insurance that doesn’t mean that you are safe and you can drive without obeying the traffic rules and regulations.

As a driver, you should keep your eyes on the road with presence of mind while driving. It is you who are involve on it and other people you meet on the road and their vehicle as well. So avoid talking on a cell phone or even texting, which can wait. Drive safely by following the speed limits and when you see a red light, then stop to avoid any accident.

Avoid driving when you go somewhere which is near, body need some exercise as well as walking. This can also lower your rates having less mileage that if you want to save some money. Find a way where you can get a cheaper auto quotes either by shopping around or if you want an easy way, shop online through the internet. More convenient and not time consuming and it is free.

Automotive insurance quotes is a system where it allows insurance companies to compete in order to give their best price on automobile and other type of vehicles no matter what driving record looks like. Most of time, the cost of car insurance vary depending on the amount of the coverage you request and deductibles you apply for your policy.

Clients have a large selection of insurance companies, choosing an automotive insurance quote can be more of a missed task. What’s good in insurance quotes is that, it guides you through the process and helps you to compare and give you the most competitive price available. It’s easy to compare multiple car insurance quotes with different companies.

Getting a cheaper automotive insurance quote is part of the process and you should make sure that you get the adequate protection you need that covers all aspects of the safety and security of your car.